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Dear Guests,

autumn brings lots of fallen leaves, wonderful colours and the Hokkaido pumpkin on our menu. Taste the fresh ideas of our chef: like pumpkin soup with ginger cream or beetroot risotto with pumpkin wedges and romanesco. By the way you can find a full vegan three course meal in our menu. Starter, main dish and dessert are cooked free from animal ingredients but with creativity. 

Whatever you choose: Enjoy your meal and a special taste experience in our “Weinrot” restaurant!

The dishes on our new menu are available from 27 September 2015. 

Appetizers & salads

Variation of bruschetta with grapes, sun wheat, pine nuts and Parmesan (vegetarian)
Variation of bruschetta I grapes I sun wheat I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan
small portion € 9,50 large portion € 12,80

Saddle of beef carpaccio with lemon cream, pesto and Parmesan
Marinated fillet of heifer I lemon cream I green pesto I pine nuts I Parmesan
€ 17,50

Seafood in Prosecco saffron cream on pasta
Crabs I mussels I salmon I wolf-fish I Prosecco saffron cream I shrimps tail end I pasta I chervil
€ 17,50

Fish tapas
Warm salmon on white cabbage with barbecue sauce I fillet of white herring “housewifes style” on sweet potato
crisps I herring salad with salad julienne I bruschetta with smoked salmon and Parmesan 
€ 16,80

Salad with grapes, yellow cherry tomatoes and warm Hokkaido pumpkin wedges 
Lettuce hearts I leek I chicory I radishes I grapes I cherry tomatoes I pumpkin I cheese bread cracker I mustard lemon dressing
€ 12,50

. with chicken breast on the spit I cooked in honey sauce
€ 16,80

. with salmon on the spit I cooked in honey sauce
€ 16,80


Fish soup "Bremerhaven" with seafood and crème fraÎche   
€  8,20

Hokkaido pumpkin soup with ginger cream
€ 7,80

Crab soup with dill cream
€ 7,80

Apple carrot soup with soya chervil froth (vegan)
€ 7,50

Hungarian goulash soup with beef, crème fraîche and baguette
small portion € 7,80
large portion € 12,80


Lemon sole with almond butter, potatoes and salad
Lemon sole fillet I almond butter I potatoes I salad with mustard lemon dressing  
€ 22,50

Salmon fillet beignets on white cabbage with barbecue sauce and sweet potato thalers
Salmon fillet baked in beer batter I barbecue sauce I white cabbage I sweet potato thalers     
€ 22,50

North Sea plaice fillet on leaf spinach and duchess potatoes
Fillet of North Sea plaice I sauce béarnaise I leaf spinach I duchess potatoes
€ 20,50

Scandinavian redfish fillet with beetroot risotto on cardinal sauce with romanesco
Redfish fillet fried on the skin I cardinal sauce I beetroot risotto I romanesco 
€ 25,50

Fillet of white herring “housewifes style” with fried potatoes  
Fillet of white herring I sauce housewifes style I apple slices I gherkin I onion slices I fried potatoes
€ 17,50

Gourmet plate “Bremerhaven”
Lemon sole fillet I salmon fillet I North Sea plaice I almond butter I celery puree I dill potatoes
€ 25,80


Loin of pork with herbs on sun wheat, diced pepper and orange pepper sauce 
Loin of pork with herbs I orange pepper sauce I diced pepper I sun wheat 
€ 21,50

Grilled rump steak with Café de Paris sauce, grilled tomato, zucchini and tarragon gnocchi
Grilled rump steak I Café de Paris sauce I grilled tomato I zucchini I tarragon gnocchi
€ 24,50

Rump steak burger with a homemade roll and French fries
Rump steak I potato roll I bacon I tomato, curry and pepper sauce I salad I tomato I cucumber I onion I French fries I sunflower seed dip            
€ 19,80

Barbarie duck breast on mango tomato salsa with green cauliflower and sweet potato crisps
Barbarie duck breast I mango tomato salsa I green cauliflower I sweet potato crisps
€ 22,50

Prime boiled veal on horseradish sauce with leek rings on roasted potato cubes  
Prime boiled veal I horseradish sauce I leek rings I celery puree I potato cubes 
€ 24,50

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Beetroot risotto with Hokkaido pumpkin wedges and romanesco (vegan) 
Beetroot risotto I Hokkaido pumpkin wedges I romanesco
€ 14,80

Green asparagus ragout with artichoke hearts and olives on Spanish tortilla
Ragout of green asparagus I artichoke hearts I cherry tomatoes I olives I Spanish tortilla 
€ 16,50

Polenta burger with tomato, salad, sauces and a homemade roll (vegan)
Linseed almond roll I polenta I tomato I black salt from Hawaii I hearts of lettuce I yellow pepper and tomato basil sauce I homemade potato wedges I sunflower seed dip
€ 18,80

Bavette with green pesto and olives, artichokes and salad
Pasta I green pesto I olives I artichoke hearts I cashew and pine nut kernels I salad I mustard lemon dressing
€ 14,80

Baked sun wheat with pepper zucchini cubes and sweet potato thalers (vegan)   
Baked sun wheat I tomato sauce I pepper zucchini cubes I sweet potato thalers  
€ 14,80


Crème brûlée on chocolate candy cream with Amaretto cream
Vanilla creme I caramelized cane sugar I chocolate candy cream I Amaretto cream  
€  8,10

Warm hazelnut gugelhupf with yogurt wildberry ice cream on peanut caramel sauce  
Warm home made hazelnut cake I yogurt wildberry ice cream I peanut caramel sauce I pistachios I banana
€ 8,00

Chocolate mousse on grenadine sauce with fresh mint (vegan)
Chocolate mousse I grenadine sauce I mint    
€ 7,80

Rice pudding ice cream parfait with caramelized popcorn on red wine plums
Ice cream parfait of rice pudding with caramelized popcorn I red wine plums
€ 7,50

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, yogurt wildberry, lemon pie, walnut I fruit I brittle cream
€ 7,20