... feast

Dear Guests, 

our menu is rich in vitamins and colourful like its ingredients which already whets the appetite for spring: golden yellow mango, pink coloured beetroot pana cotta and green homemade pesto. From fish specialities such as winter codfish or a hearty steak to vegetarian pasta or our vegan menu with soup, main dish and dessert, whatever you choose: Enjoy your meal and a special taste experience in our “Weinrot” restaurant!

Appetizers & small dishes

Variation of bruschetta with mango, roasted pumpkin seeds, Parmesan (vegetarian)
Variation of bruschetta I mango I roasted pumpkin seeds I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan 
small portion €  9,50
large portion € 12,80

Saddle of beef carpaccio with lemon cream, pesto and Parmesan
Marinated fillet of heifer I lemon cream I
green pesto I pine nuts I Parmesan  
€ 17,50

Beetroot panna cotta on horseradish with smoked salmon and salad
Panna cotta of beetroot I horseradish I smoked salmon I lamb‘s lettuce I lemon yoghurt dressing  
€ 14,80


Fish soup "Bremerhaven" with seafood and crème fraÎche   
€  7,80

Mulligatawny with apple, banana, chicken and coconut cream  
€  7,80

Sherry consommé with green asparagus and polenta dumplings  
€  7,80

Vegetable minestrone with rice, green pesto and roasted pumpkin seeds (vegan)  
€  7,50


Lemon sole with almond butter, potatoes and lettuce hearts
Fillet of lemon sole I almond butter I boiled potatoes I lettuce hearts I Thousand Island dressing 
€ 22,50

Winter codfish on cream sauerkraut with fine mashed potatoes 
Winter codfish fried on the skin I cream sauerkraut I cherry tomatoes I leek I mashed potatoes with a note of nutmeg  
€ 22,50

North Sea plaice with fresh leaf spinach and curcuma couscous
North Sea plaice I leaf spinach with shallot rings I curcuma couscous I tomato sauce  
€ 19,50

Gourmet plate "Bremerhaven"
Lemon sole fillet I winter codfish I North Sea plaice I almond butter I ginger carrot vegetables I potato noodles 
€ 25,80


Grilled rump steak with pepper sauce, grilled tomato and roasted potato cubes
Grilled rump steak I pepper sauce I leek rings I grilled tomato I roasted potato cubes I salad I Thousand Island dressing 
€ 23,50

Rump steak burger with a homemade roll and French fries
Rump steak I potato roll I bacon I tomato, curry and pepper sauce I salad I tomato I cucumber I onion I French fries  
€ 19,80

Tarragon chicken breast on pepper cream with snow peas and gnocchi
Chicken breast with tarragon I pepper cream I snow peas I gnocchi  
€ 20,50

Medallions of veal fillet on fig date cream with duchess potatoes
Saddle of veal fillet medallions I fig date cream I black salsify I duchess potatoes  
€ 24,50

Sliced pork fillet in curry sauce with pineapple and snow peas on Basmati rice
Sliced pork fillet I curry sauce I pineapple I
snow peas I Basmati rice with lemon pepper 
€ 20,50

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Salad with lemon yoghurt dressing, slices of baked mozzarrella and vine tomatoes
Lamb's lettuce I baked slices of mozzarella I vine tomatoes I potato cubes I lemon yoghurt dressing  
€ 14,80

Penne Rigate on fresh leaf spinach with roasted pumpkin seeds and Parmesan
Pasta I leaf spinach with shallot rings I roasted pumpkin seeds I Parmesan 
€ 15,20

Celery schnitzel on fine mashed potatoes with root vegetables and tomato salsa (vegan)
Celery schnitzel I tomato salsa I
fine mashed potatoes I root vegetables 
€ 15,20


Crème brûlée on chocolate candy cream with Amaretto cream
Vanilla creme I caramelized cane sugar I chocolate candy cream I Amaretto cream  
€  7,80

Warm chocolate gugelhupf with pistachio ice cream on fruit puree
Warm home made chocolate cake I pistachio ice cream I mango, blueberry and raspberry puree  
€  7,80

Kaiserschmarrn with raisins, apples and almond flakes (vegan)
Sweet cut-up pancake I raisins I apple slices I almond flakes I raspberry puree   
€  7,80

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, melon-mango, lemon, walnut I fruit I brittle cream 
€  7,20