... feast

Dear Guests,

It is our aim to warm your heart with the ideas of our young fresh cuisine – like red cabbage soup with cinnamon cream, curly kale, leg of venison with wild mushrooms on redcurrant sauce and our marzipan gugelhupf with nut ice cream and warm morello cherries. 

Did you know that you can find a full vegan three course meal in our menu? Starter, main dish and dessert are cooked free from animal ingredients but with creativity. 

Whatever you choose: Enjoy your meal and a special taste experience in our “Weinrot” restaurant!

Appetizers & salads

Variation of bruschetta with chanterelles, sun wheat, pine nuts and Parmesan (vegetarian)
Variation of bruschetta I chanterelles I sun wheat I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan
small portion € 9,50 I large portion € 12,80

Saddle of beef carpaccio with lemon cream, pesto and Parmesan
Marinated fillet of heifer I lemon cream I green pesto I pine nuts I Parmesan
€ 17,50

Seafood in Prosecco saffron cream on pasta
Crabs I mussels I salmon I wolf-fish I Prosecco saffron cream I shrimps tail end I pasta I chervil
€ 17,50


Fish soup "Bremerhaven" with seafood and crème fraÎche   
€ 8,20

Crab soup with dill cream
€ 8,20

Red cabbage cream soup with cinnamon cream
€ 7,80

Parsnip soup with soya whip (vegan)
€ 7,80


Lemon sole with almond butter, potatoes and salad
Lemon sole fillet I almond butter I potatoes I salad with apple dressing    
€ 23,50

Salmon fillet beignets on white cabbage with barbecue sauce and sweet potato thalers
Salmon fillet baked in beer batter I barbecue sauce I white cabbage I sweet potato thalers     
€ 22,50

North Sea plaice fillet on leaf spinach and duchess potatoes
Fillet of North Sea plaice I sauce béarnaise I leaf spinach I duchess potatoes
€ 20,50

Gourmet plate “Bremerhaven”
Lemon sole fillet I salmon fillet I North Sea plaice I almond butter I celery puree I dill potatoes
€ 25,80


Pork fillet medallions on Merlot honey sauce with white cabbage and potato fritter 
Medallions of pork fillet I Merlot honey sauce I white cabbage I potato fritter
€ 22,00

Grilled rump steak with Café de Paris sauce, grilled tomato, zucchini and tarragon gnocchi
Grilled rump steak I Café de Paris sauce I grilled tomato I zucchini I tarragon gnocchi
€ 24,50

Barbarie duck breast on mango tomato salsa with green cauliflower and sweet potato crisps
Barbarie duck breast I mango tomato salsa I green cauliflower I sweet potato crisps
€ 24,50

Calves' liver Berlin style on Burgundy cream with mashed potatoes
Calves's liver with apple rings and onions I Burgundy cream I mashed potatoes I salad 
€ 22,50

Curly kale classic or with pork fillet escalope and potatoes  
Curly kale I smoked pork, groats sausage, cooked sausage, bacon or pork fillet escalope I roast or boiled potatoes
€ 19,80

Leg of venison with wild mushrooms on redcurrant sauce with Pommes Berny
Braised leg of venison I redcurrant sauce I wild mushrooms I almond broccoli I Berny potatoes
€ 24,50

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Bavette with green pesto and olives, artichokes and salad
Pasta I green pesto I olives I artichoke hearts I cashew and pine nut kernels I salad I mustard lemon dressing
€ 14,80

Grilled tomato on leaf spinach with tarragon gnocchi and sauce béarnaise
Grilled tomato I sauce béarnaise I leaf spinach I tarragon gnocchi 
€ 13,80

Baked sun wheat with pepper zucchini cubes and sweet potato thalers (vegan)   
Baked sun wheat I tomato sauce I pepper zucchini cubes I sweet potato thalers  
€ 14,80


Crème brûlée on chocolate candy cream with Amaretto cream
Vanilla creme I caramelized cane sugar I chocolate candy cream I Amaretto cream  
€ 8,10

Warm marzipan gugelhupf with nut ice cream on warm morello cherries
Warm home made marzipan cake I nut ice cream I warm morello cherries
€ 8,10

Chocolate mousse on grenadine sauce with fresh mint (vegan)
Chocolate mousse I grenadine sauce I mint    
€ 7,80

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, yogurt wildberry, lemon pie, walnut I fruit I brittle cream
€ 7,20