... feast

Dear Guests, 

how does summer taste in our “Weinrot” restaurant? Like light seafood in Prosecco saffron cream, like grilled pork fillet on the spit with sweet potato thalers and couscous or deliciously vegan like our polenta burger with a homemade linseed almond roll and other fresh and tasty ingredients. By the way you can find a full vegan three course meal in our menu. Starter, main dish and dessert are cooked free from animal ingredients but with creativity.

Whatever you choose: Enjoy your meal and a special taste experience in our “Weinrot” restaurant!

Appetizers & salads

Variation of bruschetta with pepper, rocket salad and Parmesan (vegetarian)
Variation of bruschetta I pepper I rocket salad I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan
small portion €  9,50
large portion € 12,80

Saddle of beef carpaccio with lemon cream, pesto and Parmesan
Marinated fillet of heifer I lemon cream I
green pesto I pine nuts I Parmesan  
€ 17,50

Seafood in Prosecco saffron cream on pasta
Crabs I mussels I salmon I wolf-fish I Prosecco saffron cream I shrimps tail end I pasta I chervil
€ 17,50

Goat cheese tapas with mint sweet potato salad  
Baked goat cheese on tomatoes I strips of beef sirloin on barbecue sauce gratinated with rosemary and goat cheese I goat cheese bruschetta I sweet potato salad with mint  
€ 16,80

Summer salad with leek, chicory, radishes, strawberries and yellow cherry tomatoes
€ 15,50
Lettuce hearts I leek I chicory I radishes I strawberries I yellow cherry tomatoes I lemon dressing I cheese bread crackers

. with chicken breast on the spit I cooked in honey sauce
€ 17,80

. with salmon on the spit I cooked in honey sauce
€ 17,80


Fish soup "Bremerhaven" with seafood and crème fraÎche   
€  8,20

Mulligatawny with apple, banana, chicken and coconut cream  
€  7,80

Crab soup with dill cream
€ 7,80

Apple carrot soup with soya chervil froth (vegan)
€ 7,50

Hungarian goulash soup with beef, crème fraîche and baguette
small portion € 7,80
large portion € 12,80


Lemon sole with almond butter, potatoes and salad
Fillet of lemon sole I almond butter I boiled potatoes I salad
€ 22,50

Fish & Chips  
Salmon fillet fried on the skin I sweet potato flakes I barbecue sauce I homemade potato wedges
€ 22,50

North Sea plaice with bacon, fried potatoes and salad
North Sea plaice I bacon I fried potatoes I salad  
€ 20,50

Hake fillet on potato dill sauce with wild rice fritter    
Hake fillet I potato dill sauce I cucumber vegetables with tomato concasse I wild rice fritter
€ 22,50

Dutch fillet of white herring “housewifes style” with fried potatoes  
Fillet of white herring I sauce housewifes style I apple slices I gherkin I onion slices I fried potatoes
€ 17,50

Gourmet plate "Bremerhaven"
Lemon sole fillet I salmon fillet I North Sea plaice I almond butter I ginger carrot vegetables I potato noodles  
€ 25,80


Grilled pork fillet on the spit with zucchini, sweet potato thalers and couscous
Pork fillet I zucchini I sweet potato thalers I cheese cracker I cucumber vegetables with tomato concasse I couscous
€ 21,50

Grilled rump steak with pepper sauce, grilled tomato and roasted potato cubes
Grilled rump steak I pepper sauce I leek rings I grilled tomato I roasted potato cubes I salad
€ 23,50

Rump steak burger with a homemade roll and French fries
Rump steak I potato roll I bacon I tomato, curry and pepper sauce I salad I tomato I cucumber I onion I French fries I sunflower seed dip  
€ 19,80

Tarragon chicken breast on pepper cream with fried mushrooms, green asparagus and gnocchi
Chicken breast with tarragon I pepper cream I mushrooms I tomatoes I green asparagus I gnocchi
€ 20,50

Prime boiled veal on horseradish sauce with leek rings on fine mashed potatoes
Prime boiled veal I horseradish sauce I leek rings I ginger carrot vegetables I fine mashed potatoes
€ 24,50

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Baked mozzarrella slices on vine tomatoes with potato cubes, rocket salad and lemon yoghurt dressing
Baked slices of mozzarella I vine tomatoes I potato cubes I rocket salad I lemon yoghurt dressing
€ 14,80

Green asparagus on grilled zucchini on curcuma risotto
Green asparagus I grilled zucchini I tomato cubes I curcuma risotto I Parmesan
€ 16,50

Polenta burger with tomato, salad, sauces and a homemade roll (vegan)
Linseed almond roll I polenta I tomato I black salt from Hawaii I hearts of lettuce I yellow pepper and tomato basil sauce I homemade potato wedges I sunflower seed dip
€ 18,80

Celery schnitzel on fine mashed potatoes with tomato salsa and sweet potato salad (vegan)
Celery schnitzel I tomato salsa I fine mashed potatoes I sweet potato salad
€ 15,20

Vegetable curry with baked pineapple, cashew kernels and basmati rice (vegan)
Curry with mushrooms, carrots, pepper and peas I pineapple I cashew kernels I mint I basmati rice
€ 15,20


Crème brûlée on chocolate candy cream with Amaretto cream
Vanilla creme I caramelized cane sugar I chocolate candy cream I Amaretto cream  
€  8,10

Warm chocolate gugelhupf with walnut ice cream on fruit puree
Warm home made chocolate cake I walnut ice cream I mango, blueberry and raspberry puree  
€  7,80

Orange panna cotta on fruit puree with strawberries (vegan)
Panna cotta of oranges I fruit puree I strawberries
€ 7,80

Strawberry tiramisu trifle
Strawberry basil salad I tiramisu cream I espresso amarettini
€ 7,50

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, melon-mango, lemon, walnut I fruit I brittle cream  
€  7,20