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Appetizers & small dishes

Variation of bruschetta with pears, green beans, pine nuts and Parmesan (vegetarian)
Italian bruschetta I pears I green beans I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan 
small portion €  9,50 I large portion € 12,80

Medallions of angler fish with tarragon risotto
Medallions of angler fish I tarragon risotto I white cabbage I lime cream  
€ 17,50

Saddle of beef carpaccio with warm shallot sauce and basil tomatoes
Marinated fillet of heifer I warm shallot sauce I basil tomatoes I Parmesan I pine nuts I potato roll 
€ 17,50

Pumpkin dough roll with salad (vegetarian)
Pumpkin dough roll I salad I tomatoes I blueberry dressing  
€ 14,50

Tapas Alemán
Meetloaf I pretzel breadstick with Camembert
gratiné I mashed potatoes I sauerkraut I grilled sausage  
€ 12,80


Fish soup "Bremerhaven" with seafood and crème fraÎche   
€  7,80

Potato pear soup with crôutons and nutmeg cream (vegetarian) 
€  7,80

VEGAN: Hokkaido pumpkin soup with diced apple and coconut milk  
€  7,50

Lemongrass curry soup with zucchini and ginger cream (vegetarian) 
€  7,80


Lemon sole on truffle hollandaise sauce with Ricotta cakes
Fillet of lemon sole I truffle hollandaise sauce I almond broccoli I Ricotta cakes  
€ 22,50

Wolf-fish fillet on zucchini Swiss potato and romanesco 
Fillet of wolf-fish I zucchini Swiss potato with tomatoes and pine nuts I tomato melted in butter I romanesco  
€ 20,50

North Sea plaice with fried potatoes
Plaice I bacon I fried potatoes I salad 
€ 19,50

Angler fish in peppered butter with pumpkin puree
Angler fish I peppered butter I pumpkin puree I boiled potatoes  
€ 32,00

Gourmet plate "Bremerhaven"
Lemon sole fillet I wolf-fish fillet I redfish fillet I truffle hollandaise sauce I pumpkin puree I boiled potatoes 
€ 24,80

Fillet of white herring housewife's style
Fillet of white herring I sauce housewife’s style* I gherkin I apple slices I onion slivers I roast potatoes  
small portion € 13,75 I large portion €  17,75


Breast of guinea fowl in the style of the wine grower with lime cream
Breast of guinea fowl with grapes, bacon and croûtons I white cabbage I lime cream I potatoes 
€ 20,50

Grilled rump steak with onion mango chutney and potatoes
Grilled rump steak I onion mango chutney I sweet corn I potatoes  
€ 22,80

Pork medallions on plum apple sauce with home made Swabian noodles
Pork medallions I plum apple sauce I Swabian noodles I salad   
€ 19,50

Roasted calves'liver Berlin style on burgundy cream and mashed potatoes
Calves'liver with apple rings and onions I burgundy cream I mashed potatoes I salad I tomato I redcurrant dressing 
€ 21,50

Turkey medallions in oregano on macaroni with pumpkin and olives
Turkey medallions I sage butter I pumpkin I
tomatoes I leek I olives I almonds I pasta I rocket salad I redcurrant dressing 
€ 18,90

Mixed grill with grilled tomato, beans with bacon and Lyonnaise potatoes
Grilled medallions of beef, turkey and pork fillet I bacon I grilled tomato I beans with bacon I fried potatoes with onions I herb butter  
€ 23,80

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Salad with baked mushrooms, caramelized nuts and blueberry dressing
Salad I baked mushrooms I tomato I cucumber I blueberry dressing I pepper dip I caramelized nuts 
€ 14,50

VEGAN: Vegetable couscous with curcuma and baked sesame banana
Couscous I curcuma I pepper I zucchini I mushrooms I baked sesame banana I tomato dip 
€ 13,80

Macaroni with pumpkin, olives and almonds
Pasta I pumpkin I tomatoes I leek I olives with almonds I rocket salad I redcurrant dressing 
€ 14,80

Tarragon risotto with romanesco and Parmesan
Tarragon risotto I diced vegetables I green cauliflowers I Parmesan  
€ 14,80


Crème brûlée with plum compote and cinnamon cream
Vanilla creme I caramelized cane sugar I plum compote I cinnamon cream  
€  7,80

Warm chocolate gugelhupf with vanilla ice cream and wild berries
Warm home made chocolate cake I vanilla ice cream I wild berries  
€  7,80

VEGAN: Fruit jelly with polenta crumble
Jelly from blackberries, huckleberries, redcurrant, plums, apples and pears I polenta crumble  
€  7,20

Apple fritter with vanilla ice cream and pistachio cream
Apple fritter with cinnamon and sugar I vanilla ice cream I pistachio cream  
€  7,50

Blueberry tiramisu with lemon balm
Tiramisu from Mascarpone, blueberries and mocca I lemon balm  
€  7,50

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, melon-mango, lemon, walnut I fruit I brittle cream 
€  6,80

Chef's suggestion

Rump steak burger with a home made roll, a variety of dips and French fries
Rump steak I potato roll I bacon I tomato sauce I curry and pepper dip I salad I tomato I cucumber I onion I French fries 
€ 19,80

North Sea sole à la meunière with potatoes
North Sea sole I melted butter I boiled potatoes I green salad  
€ 39,50

Hungarian goulash soup with crème fraîche and baguette
Goulash soup of Beef Hungarian Style I
crème fraîche I Baguette
small portion € 9,50 I large portion € 12,80

* mayonnaise contains preservatives