... feast

Dear guests, 

We trust that you will be just as pleased as ourselves that the asparagus season has begun. On our new menu you will find the "vegetable of kings" in different variations - from warm asparagus salad with strawberries and in the traditional way with smoked ham to the vegetarian spinach crêpe with asparagus.

You can of course also enjoy our other fine dishes such as plaice with bacon and fried potatoes or vegetable pasta with tomato salsa, Mediterranean vegetables and sun wheat. 

Did you know that you can find a full vegan three course meal in our menu? Starter, main dish and dessert are cooked free from animal ingredients but with creativity. 

Whatever you choose: Enjoy your meal and a special taste experience in our “Weinrot” restaurant! 

Appetizers & salads

Variation of bruschetta with Parma ham and chives 
1 I 4 I 6 I 9 I 11 I 13 I 16
Variation of bruschetta I Parma ham I chives I tomatoes I basil I pine nuts I Parmesan 
small portion € 9,50 I large portion € 12,80 

Saddle of beef carpaccio Asian Style 
1 I 4 I 6 I 9 I 13 I 16
Marinated fillet of heifer I soya honey sauce I roasted sesame grains I leek I palm hearts 
€ 17,50 

Warm asparagus strawberry salad with rocket and Parmesan
1 I 4 I 7 I 16 I 17 
Asparagus spears I strawberries I rocket salad I Parmesan
€ 16,80 


Fish soup “Bremerhaven” with seafood and crème fraîche
1 I 2 I 4 I 5 I 7 I 9 I 11 I 15
€ 8,20

Sweet corn cream soup with roasted pine nuts
4 I 5 I 11
€ 7,80 

Crab soup with dill cream
2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 7 I 9 I 18
€ 8,20 

Asparagus soup with soya cress froth (vegan) 13
€ 7,80 

Asparagus cream soup with cress froth 4
€ 7,80 

Asparagus Special

German asparagus spears with Hollandaise sauce and parsley potatoes
1 I 4 I 5 I 9 

pure (vegetarian)
€ 19,80 

with pork fillet escalope 1 I 9
€ 25,50 

with smoked ham 15
€ 25,50 

with breast of poulard
€ 25,50 

with lemon sole fillet 1 I 2 I 9
€ 29,50 

in spinach crêpe (vegetarian) 1 I 4 I 9
€ 20,50 


Lemon sole with almond butter, potatoes and salad
1 I 2 I 4 I 9 I 11
Lemon sole fillet I almond butter I potatoes I salad with cassis yoghurt dressing
€ 23,50

Salmon fillet baked with zucchini, vine tomatoes and cheese
2 I 4
Salmon fillet I zucchini I vine tomatoes I rosemary potatoes I sour creme dip  
€ 22,50

Plaice with bacon, fried potatoes and salad
2 I 4 I 9 
Plaice I bacon I fried potatoes I salad with cassis yoghurt dressing
€ 20,50 

Haddock fillet with sesame crust on warm fennel salad and couscous 
1 I 2 I 6 I 9 
Haddock fillet with sesame crust I warm fennel salad I red pepper sauce I couscous 
€ 21,50 

Dutch fillet of white herring “housewife's style” with fried potatoes 
1 I 2 I 4 I 9 I 12 I 16 
Dutch fillet of white herring I sauce housewife’s style I apple slices I gherkin I onion strips I fried potatoes 
€ 18,50 


Rump steak with Marsala shallots sauce, French beans and rosemary potatoes
1 I 4 I 5 I 7 I 9 I 12 I 13 I 16 
Grilled rump steak I Marsala shallots sauce I French beans I grilled tomato I rosemary potatoes
€ 24,50 

Calves' liver Berlin style on burgundy cream with mashed potatoes
1 I 4 I 5 I 9 I 12 I 13 
Calves's liver with apple rings and onions I burgundy cream I mashed potatoes I salad
€ 22,50 

Pork fillet medallions with tomato mozzarella gratiné on tagliatelle and leaf spinach
1 I 4 I 5 I 9 
Pork fillet medallions gratinated with tomato and mozzarella I tomato sauce I leaf spinach I pasta
€ 22,00 

Prime boiled beef with chive cream, vegetable pasta and mashed potatoes 4 
Prime boiled beef I chive cream I vegetable pasta I mashed potatoes
€ 21,50 

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Vegetable pasta with tomato salsa, Mediterranean vegetables and sun wheat (vegan)
5 I 9 I 12 
Pasta made of vegetable strips I tomato salsa I pepper I zucchini I sun wheat
€ 16,50 

Zucchini with sesame crust on warm fennel salad with pepper sauce and couscous (vegan)
6 I 9 I 13 
Zucchini with sesame crust I red pepper sauce I warm fennel salad I palm hearts I couscous
€ 16,50 

Rocket salad with asparagus, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and white balsamic vinegar
1 I 4 I 7 I 17 
Rocket I white and green asparagus I pineapple I yellow and red cherry tomatoes I mozzarella I white balsamic vinegar
€ 15,80 


Chocolate brownie cake with walnut ice cream and strawberries on caramel sauce
1 I 4 I 8 I 9 I 11 I 13 
Homemade brownie cake I caramel sauce I walnut ice cream I strawberries I cream I mint
€ 8,10 

Coconut Panna cotta with mango pulp and strawberries 4 
Panna cotta of coconut I mango pulp I strawberries
€ 8,10 

Strawberry basil salad with pineapple pulp (vegan) 
Salad with strawberries and basil I pineapple pulp
€ 7,20 

Baked cassis ice cream with Blue Curacao crème fraîche and fresh mint
4 I 9 I 15 
Baked cassis ice cream I Blue Curacao crème fraîche I mint
€ 8,10 

Selection of ice cream with fruit and brittle cream
1 I 4 I 8 I 9 I 11 I 13 
Three balls for optional: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, cassis, lemon pie, walnut I fruit I brittle cream
€ 7,20 

Mediterranean cheese variation with fig sauce
1 I 4 I 7 I 12 I 16
Insigny Calvados Camembert (France) I Chaource soft cheese (France) I Queso Manchego
(Spanish sheep΄ s milk cheese) I fig sauce
€ 9,80

*Ingredients and derived products: 1 egg I 2 fish I 3 crustaceans I 4 milk I 5 celery I 6 sesame seeds I 7 sulphur dioxide andsulphites I 8 peanuts I 9 cereals containing gluten I 10 lupin I 11 edible nuts I 12 mustard I 13 soya beans I 14 molluscs I 15 artificial colouring I 16 preservatives I 17 antioxidants I 18 flavour enhancer I 19 iron salts I 20 substances for surface treatment I 21 sweeteners I 22 phosphates I 23 caffeine I 24 quinine I 25 taurine